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  • Dexhom Loves...

    There are lots of architectural and design innovations that crop up everyday so we have picked some of our favourites for you to browse through.
    Pigalle Duperre – The Colourful Paris Basketball court:  
    Sandwiched in the 9th arrondissement in Paris is a colourful homage to the traditional basketball court. In partnership with Nike, Ill- Studio and [...]

  • Declutter your house and mind.

    ‘Get rid of clutter and you may just find the door you’ve been looking for’
    – Katrina Mayer

    As Summer is in full swing, our homes can sometimes feel like they are swelling in the heat and the clutter surrounding us seems heavier. There is no better time to get rid of those things that no longer [...]

  • The rise of Micro-Homes

    The Rise of the Mini House
    With the cost of living sky high and decent properties few and far to come by, there has been a significant rise in mini houses. Whether it be for money saving reasons, or for practical reasons, smaller scale houses that maximise their potential with clever storage solutions are soaring in [...]

  • How to co-house well!

    Co-housing or sharing a property can be a massive challenge for anybody. You have to quickly learn the art of compromise and respect -  which isn't easy...especially when you are staring at your cupboard of half eaten food. However, co-housing can have massive benefits. Cheaper rent, cheaper bills and also the potential friendships you can [...]

  • COMME DES GARÇONS: The blurred lines of Fashion

    When we are analysing the creative spheres of life, the boundaries between what is considered art, fashion, interior design and architecture are often blurred. This post will be focused on the raw creativity of the designer behind the famous and iconic Comme de Garcons brand, Rei Kawakubo. The recent Met Gala used, as its theme [...]

  • Outdoor Spaces

    Since the summer months are upon us, it is time to maximise our outdoor space and incorporate it into our interiors. There is nothing better than lounging outside on a warm summer evening soaking in the beauty of the nature that blossoms under the suns rays. We have some top tips for transforming your outdoor [...]

  • Craftsmanship and Sustainability

    Protection et valorisation de la créativité artisanale
    L'art de l'artisanat est un sujet que Dexhom considère comme très important.
    Il est tellement spécial de recevoir un meuble, une œuvre d'art ou même un vase de terre cuite qui a été fabriqué à la main. Chacun de ces objets montrent le processus de l'artisanat et la beauté de [...]

  • Quirky Lighting

    The type of lighting you choose in your home can have a monumental effect on the mood, atmosphere and ambience of a room. So, its important to get it right and really maximise the potential of a space with some clever lighting.
    For rooms that attract a lot of natural light, lighting should always be kept [...]

  • La tendance royale du noir et blanc: Monochrome

    Le Monochrome est le mélange des tons noir / blanc / gris, ce n’est pas un mélange de couleur froides, contrairement ce que l’on peut penser et en associant des textures aux bons endroits, vous pouvez vraiment arriver à créer de la profondeur dans une pièce monochrome.
    'Juste comme la veste Chanel en Tweed, le noir et [...]

  • The home staple: Flowers and greenery

    ‘After women, flowers are the most divine creation’
    – Christian Dior

    We see them everywhere and spend time lusting over their beauty but what benefits can flowers have in the home? Floristry has seen a complete revamp over the past few years with it becoming more glamorous and aspirational. This is perhaps due to all the enviously [...]

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