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  • COMME DES GARÇONS: The blurred lines of Fashion

    When we are analysing the creative spheres of life, the boundaries between what is considered art, fashion, interior design and architecture are often blurred. This post will be focused on the raw creativity of the designer behind the famous and iconic Comme de Garcons brand, Rei Kawakubo. The recent Met Gala used, as its theme [...]

  • Outdoor Spaces

    Since the summer months are upon us, it is time to maximise our outdoor space and incorporate it into our interiors. There is nothing better than lounging outside on a warm summer evening soaking in the beauty of the nature that blossoms under the suns rays. We have some top tips for transforming your outdoor [...]

  • Craftsmanship and Sustainability

    Protection et valorisation de la créativité artisanale
    L'art de l'artisanat est un sujet que Dexhom considère comme très important.
    Il est tellement spécial de recevoir un meuble, une œuvre d'art ou même un vase de terre cuite qui a été fabriqué à la main. Chacun de ces objets montrent le processus de l'artisanat et la beauté de [...]

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