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  • Quirky Lighting

    The type of lighting you choose in your home can have a monumental effect on the mood, atmosphere and ambience of a room. So, its important to get it right and really maximise the potential of a space with some clever lighting.
    For rooms that attract a lot of natural light, lighting should always be kept [...]

  • La tendance royale du noir et blanc: Monochrome

    Le Monochrome est le mélange des tons noir / blanc / gris, ce n’est pas un mélange de couleur froides, contrairement ce que l’on peut penser et en associant des textures aux bons endroits, vous pouvez vraiment arriver à créer de la profondeur dans une pièce monochrome.
    'Juste comme la veste Chanel en Tweed, le noir et [...]

  • The home staple: Flowers and greenery

    ‘After women, flowers are the most divine creation’
    – Christian Dior

    We see them everywhere and spend time lusting over their beauty but what benefits can flowers have in the home? Floristry has seen a complete revamp over the past few years with it becoming more glamorous and aspirational. This is perhaps due to all the enviously [...]

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