About us

Dexhom is the first virtual store dedicated entirely to the world of certified 100% Made-in-Italy design and furnishings.
A curious fusion of the words design (dex) and home (hom), Dexhom was innovative right from the start –

a unique display container, a privileged showcase and web-store where customers can choose, buy and love the very best products made by Italian artisans and professionals in the sector of designer furnishings.

101% Made in Italy

The Home of 101% Made-in-Italy.

Dexhom was created to be the home of 101% Made-in-Italy design, a privileged container that is the natural setting for the best of contemporary Italian furniture.
Our buyers, with over 20 years of experience in the sector of design and furnishings, are committed to searching day after day for the impeccable quality that’s impossible to replicate in industrial production, featuring the finest materials, exceptionally high standards of artisanship and maximum attention to details.
Every company chosen by Dexhom boasts a long history of traditions and many years of experience in the production of furniture and other designer goods for major international brands, and this is why all the articles offered for sale by Dexhom are the result of the best Italian quality and design.


Online by vocation, offline by passion.

At Dexhom we’re not content with just offering you the best of authentic Made-in-Italy excellence – we also want to be a point of reference for all connoisseurs of genuine Italian design.

Alongside our online store, our team of consultants is constantly at your disposal, to help you with everything from the choice of design through to delivery to your home, wherever you live, and whatever floor you live on.

Have you any particular questions or special requests? You’re not sure what style is the best match for your home? Can’t you find your favourite fabric or colour online? You can phone us, send us an email, call us on Skype or chat with us directly on our website.

And if you prefer to see and touch something before you buy, we’ll send you samples of the fabrics you’ve selected, together with a 3D furnishing project based on what you’ve told us.

Design at Dexhom is only 101% Made-in-Italy. True Italian design.